When the unconscious becomes consciousness.

When we realized that something hidden inside us from the past was affecting our present moment.

When we free ourselves from old core memories that were obstructing our path.

When life transforms in a lighter place to live because we liberate our soul from resentment and fear.

When we get the stady determination to follow our dream.

When authenticity is something natural and spontaneous.

When we fly beyond our own preconceptions and left behind cultural, mental and physical ideas.

When we surrender to the guidance without knowing the destiny but having the certainty that is our highest aspiration.

Dear soul,
Tell the truth,
Be your self and play the game.
The day is gone,
Your life is yours,
Nothing is done until you believe in God.

Tomorrow means,
Scary things,
But what really is…  a blessing breeze.

Be your self.
Stay up,
Looking forward, to the sky.
Finding clouds, with meaning calm,
Will help you go… through human life.

You are not alone,
Despite your thoughts,
The present moment is your beloved.

Never forget what I’d tell you then,
When you were little and innocent,
That life is nice and I’m with you, in any case.

Embrace your life without regret
Mistakes are part of the long trail.

I’ll be with you no matter what,
Is my desire and purpose wide
To see you shine as big star
Beyond the light, besides the sky.

Be your true self, enjoy the game,
Life may be short, but you are immense.
Because each moment, is precious gem
Teaching us always something to learn.

I’m within you, never forget,
The path is hard, but you are strong
Being alive is the best way to figure out what would be done.

Without regret, look at your past, and see how much you’d progress.
Try not to change what is right there
Because you know, is my concern.

You just relax and be you self,
No matter what, I’m always there.
My love for you, will never fail
As you belong to universe.

We should connect through melodies
Complete silence is the best way
To say hello, to stay alone
We’ll know each other since we have core.

We both enjoy, this mystery
Life is to die, with empty of things
Life is to feel the eternal scene that will be showing your destiny.

No need to wait, until I’m there
Because you know how much I care
Have faith in me, despite the mind
I create you, from my desire.

Making things bigger will never help
Looking for problems doesn’t make sense.

Put all together
These sentences
And see how much they will reveal
The sense of core
With complete faith
And the spirit
Of my true self.

I’m inside you
On sacred earth
Where all the love
Would be display
Through your own work
With new fresh air

The best result is being your self.

Have you ever try to make God happy? Have you ever think about the idea of making God proud of you? Did you feel sometimes that to need to push harder than many others because you believe that you life is a complete mistake? 
Who wants to be in a place of self destroy caused by his/her own spiritual ideas? 
When we create a story in our mind and out from our hearts thats is going to be a scary story for sure. To live in that state of bitterness, anger and disappointment is a scary story too. 
I would never imagine that I would touch this areas of loneliness so deeply and that God still be with me. The presence of the present moment is like a dream coming true. 
Many ideas are running in and out from my self and the only clarity I have now is that God is good. That God is always with me, no matter what. 
The separation from the source and the hard work to connect back to HIM, sounds like an impossible task with no of purpose at all. It seems to have no sense to glue a flower back in the steam when that flower decided to fall apart. 
But you know what? Yes it possible and yes it really happens. The EGO is the inventor of this concept and is an expert in making you follow his instructions one by one. 
So be careful next time you feel that you are disconnected from your soil because is the master magic trick from the EGO playing with your ignorance and absence of consciousness of your life. 
I bet you know the answer now. We are not away from God because we are alive. As long as we breath, we are connected to our source... all the rest is the game of our EGO. 

Emotions, memories and thoughts are attached to our heart
the heart needs to pump almost 2,000 gallons of blood a day
how can this happen if we put an extra heavy weight?  
My pray today is for the freedom of the heart of every human being
May the unnecessary attachments of each heart disappears now. 




The only certitude I have in life is God. All the rest, I don't know
The lack of confidence in ourselves creates resentment
this resentment destroys the power we carry inside
we become powerless relaying our life to others
to remove this feeling is a memorable task that only can be preform 
with the help of God.
To be in this planet as a humans beings is a privilege
Along the opportunity  to experiment life.
Each one should know that his purpose is to connect with the Divine 
no matter what path you choose, we all  meet in the sea. 
Body, mind and spirit are parts of who we are.   
Is our responsibility to embrace  all of them in a positive and  harmonious way.
The way we live our life depends in how much understanding we have about them.
Creating balance between body, mind and spirit  is art of living and is 
only possible with love. 
Never forget the goal.
Never stop aspiring.
Never halt in your progress.
And you are sure to succeed.

Feel peace and blessed.