Dear soul,
Tell the truth,
Be your self and play the game.
The day is gone,
Your life is yours,
Nothing is done until you believe in God.

Tomorrow means,
Scary things,
But what really is…  a blessing breeze.

Be your self.
Stay up,
Looking forward, to the sky.
Finding clouds, with meaning calm,
Will help you go… through human life.

You are not alone,
Despite your thoughts,
The present moment is your beloved.

Never forget what I’d tell you then,
When you were little and innocent,
That life is nice and I’m with you, in any case.

Embrace your life without regret
Mistakes are part of the long trail.

I’ll be with you no matter what,
Is my desire and purpose wide
To see you shine as big star
Beyond the light, besides the sky.

Be your true self, enjoy the game,
Life may be short, but you are immense.
Because each moment, is precious gem
Teaching us always something to learn.

I’m within you, never forget,
The path is hard, but you are strong
Being alive is the best way to figure out what would be done.

Without regret, look at your past, and see how much you’d progress.
Try not to change what is right there
Because you know, is my concern.

You just relax and be you self,
No matter what, I’m always there.
My love for you, will never fail
As you belong to universe.

We should connect through melodies
Complete silence is the best way
To say hello, to stay alone
We’ll know each other since we have core.

We both enjoy, this mystery
Life is to die, with empty of things
Life is to feel the eternal scene that will be showing your destiny.

No need to wait, until I’m there
Because you know how much I care
Have faith in me, despite the mind
I create you, from my desire.

Making things bigger will never help
Looking for problems doesn’t make sense.

Put all together
These sentences
And see how much they will reveal
The sense of core
With complete faith
And the spirit
Of my true self.

I’m inside you
On sacred earth
Where all the love
Would be display
Through your own work
With new fresh air

The best result is being your self.

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