Have you ever try to make God happy? Have you ever think about the idea of making God proud of you? Did you feel sometimes that to need to push harder than many others because you believe that you life is a complete mistake? 
Who wants to be in a place of self destroy caused by his/her own spiritual ideas? 
When we create a story in our mind and out from our hearts thats is going to be a scary story for sure. To live in that state of bitterness, anger and disappointment is a scary story too. 
I would never imagine that I would touch this areas of loneliness so deeply and that God still be with me. The presence of the present moment is like a dream coming true. 
Many ideas are running in and out from my self and the only clarity I have now is that God is good. That God is always with me, no matter what. 
The separation from the source and the hard work to connect back to HIM, sounds like an impossible task with no of purpose at all. It seems to have no sense to glue a flower back in the steam when that flower decided to fall apart. 
But you know what? Yes it possible and yes it really happens. The EGO is the inventor of this concept and is an expert in making you follow his instructions one by one. 
So be careful next time you feel that you are disconnected from your soil because is the master magic trick from the EGO playing with your ignorance and absence of consciousness of your life. 
I bet you know the answer now. We are not away from God because we are alive. As long as we breath, we are connected to our source... all the rest is the game of our EGO. 

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